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coach Vaughn


Tier3 Personal Trainer at Equinox with proven experience in providing ongoing support, motivation using innovative  methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to clients belonging to diverse backgrounds. Passionate about helping
clients to improve their overall wellbeing and capable of adapting my approach to meet their unique needs.


Adaptive approach – Consistently utilized my knowledge and expertise to adapt training approaches, resulting in a significant increase in client satisfaction and retention.

Goal Oriented- Employed a focused approach to ensure clients accomplish personal goals, resulting in a 70% success rate in reaching personal goals.

Collaborative- Worked collaboratively and effectively with other trainers to develop new training approaches, resulting in the reduction of training times for new trainers by up to 40%.


Strength Training
Functional Training Calisthenics
HIIT Weight-loss Programs
Client Assessment
Injury Rehabilitation
Nutrition Planning


Development of Client Training Plans – Developed a client training plan that enabled a sedentary client to improve their fitness level to participate in a 10k run.

Development of Innovative Fitness Programs – Developed unique fitness programs that combine elements of Tai Chi and yoga
to assist elderly clients in maintaining mobility and balance.

Volunteer Work with Vulnerable Communities – Engaged with a local community center, developing fitness and nutrition programs for underprivileged kids and adults.

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