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Meet “The Experience”

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to shed the weight, gain the weight or struggling to simply know where to start your journey….

….. Look no further!!

I have been on both sides of the spectrum; from fat to fit (210lbs – 145lbs), from being too small at 127lbs to now being at the best shape of my life at a healthy 147lbs. I know how it feels to be
in a body that you don’t necessarily want to be in & not knowing how to get out of it. I am passionate about helping others, especially
women, get into the best shape of their life; physically & mentally.

I cater to the root of the ultimate “WHY”. Fitness is intense but, I also make it fun! I don’t play with the goals of those who are serious to invest in their LIFE not only for them but, also for those who are depending on them.

Self-love and care are priority! When you’re ready to pull yourself off the backburner & transform your life:

Meet me half way by taking the first time & I’ll guide you to the BEST life that you deserve!



Always Inspire Respect And Motivate


– Weight Loss
– Weight Gain
– Nutrition
– Coaching
– Meditation


– Personal Trainer
– Life Coach
– Meditation Instructor
– Nutrition Adviser
– Weight Management


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